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2009 Primate Parasite Ecology- The dynamics and study of host-parasite relationships, 531 pp.

Michael A. Huffman & Colin Chapman (Eds.)


List of Contributors

Part 1 Methods to study primate-parasite interactions 

1 Collection methods and diagnostic procedures for primate parasitology Ellis C. Greiner and Antoinette McIntosh
2 Methods of collection and identification of minute nematodes from the feces of primates, with special application to coevolutionary study of pinworms. Hideo Hasegawa 

3 The utility of molecular methods for elucidating primate-pathogen relationships – the Oesophagostomum bifurcum example. Robin B. Gasser, Johanna M. de Gruijter, Anton M. Polderman 

4 The application of endocrine measures in primate parasite ecology Michael Muehlenbein 

5 Using agent-based models to investigate primate disease ecology Charles L. Nunn 

Part 2 The Natural History of Primate – Parasite Interactions 

6 What does a parasite see when it looks at a chimpanzee? Michael V.K. Sukhdeo and Suzanne C. Sukhdeo 

7 Primate malarias: evolution, adaptation, and species jumping Anthony Di Fiore, Todd Disotell, Pascal Gagneux and Francisco J. Ayala 

8 Disease avoidance and the evolution of primate social connectivity: Ebola, bats, gorillas and chimpancés. Peterd D. Walsh, Magdalena Bermejo, and Jose Domingo Rodríguez-Teijeiro 

9 Primate-parasitic zoonoses and anthropozoonses: a literature review Taranjit Kaur and Jatinder Singh 

10 Lice and other parasites as markers of primate evolutionary history David L. Reed, Melissa A. Toups, Jessica E. Light, Julie M. Allen, and Shelly Flannigan 

11 Cryptic species and biodiversity of lice from primates Natalie Leo 

12 Prevalence of Clostridium perfringens in intestinal microflora of non-human primates Shiho Fujita, Asami Ogasawara and Takashi Kageyama 

13 Intestinal bacteria of chimpanzees in the wild and in captivity - An application of molecular ecological methodologies Kazunari Ushida 

14 Gastrointestinal parasites of bonobos in the Lomako Forest, Democratic Republic of Congo Jozef Dupain, Carlos Nell, Klára Judita Petrželková, Paola Garcia, David Modrý, and Francisco Ponce Gordo 

15 Habitat disturbance and seasonal fluctuations of lemur parasites in the rain forest of Ranomafana National Park, Madagascar Patricia C. Wright, Summer J. Arrigo-Nelson, Kristina L. Hogg, Brian Bannon, Toni Lyn Morelli, Jeffrey Wyatt, A. L. Harivelo, Felix Ratelolahy 

16 Chimpanzee-parasite ecology at Budongo Forest (Uganda) and the Mahale Mountains (Tanzania): influence of climatic differences on self-medicative behavior Michael A. Huffman, Paula Pebsworth, Chris Bakuneeta, Shunji Gotoh, Massimo Bardi 

Part 3 The Ecology of Primate – Parasite Interactions. 

17 Primate exposure and the emergence of novel retroviruses Nathan D. Wolfe and William M. Switzer 

18 Overview of parasites infecting howler monkeys, Alouatta sp., and potential consequences of human- howler interactions Sylvia K. Vitazkova 

19 Primate parasite ecology: patterns and predictions from an on-going study of Japanese macaques Alexander D. Hernandez, Andrew J. MacIntosh and Michael A. Huffman 

20 Crop raiding: the influence of behavioral and nutritional changes on primate-parasite relationships Anna H. Weyher 

21 Can parasite infections be a selective force influencing primate group size? a test with red colobus Colin A. Chapman, Jessica M. Rothman, and Stacey A.M. Hodder 

22 How does diet quality affect the parasite ecology of mountain gorillas? Jessica M. Rothman, Alice N. Pell, and Dwight D. Bowman 

23 Host-parasite Dynamics: Connecting Primate Field Data to Theory Colin A. Chapman, Stacey A.M. Hodder, and Jessica M. Rothman 

Part 4 Conclusions 

24 Ways forward in the study of primate disease ecology Colin A. Chapman, Michael A. Huffman, Sadie J. Ryan, Raja Sengupta and Tony L. Goldberg, 

25 Diagnostic photos of protozoans, helminths, and nematodes commonly found in wild primates. Hideo Hasegawa, Colin Chapman, Michael A. Huffman

Cambridge University Press (Cambridge Studies in Biological and Evolutionary Anthropology-57)


Copyright(C) 2008 PRI ().