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International Course in Primatology and Wildlife Research

Leading Graduate Program in Primatology and Wildlife Science

2015.02.10 Paper Chang C-H, Kaifu Y, Takai M, Kono RT,Grün R, Matsu'ura S, Kinsley L, Lin L-K: The First archaic Homo from Taiwan

2014.12.10 Paper Ikki Matsuda, Marc Ancrenaz, Yoshihiro Akiyama, Augustine Tuuga, Noreen Majalap, Henry Bernard: Natural licks are required for large terrestrial mammals in a degraded riparian forest, Sabah, Borneo, Malaysia

2014.11.04 Paper Takao Oishi, Hiroo Imai, Yasuhiro Go, Masanori Imamura, Hirohisa Hirai, Masahiko Takada: Sporadic Premature Aging in a Japanese Monkey: A Primate Model for Progeria

2014.10.29 Paper Thapana W, Sujiwattanarat P, Srikulnath K, Hirai H and *Koga A: Reduction in the structural instability of cloned eukaryotic tandem-repeat DNA by low-temperature culturing of host bacteria

2014.10.18 Paper Ropert-Coudert Y, Kato A, Meyer X, Pellé M, MacIntosh AJJ, Angelier F, Chastel O, Widmann M, Arthur B, Raymond B, Raclot T: A complete breeding failure in an Adélie penguin colony correlates with unusual and extreme environmental events.

2014.10.16 Paper Kathelijne Koops, Caspar Schöning, William C. McGrew and Tetsuro Matsuzawa: Chimpanzees prey on army ants at Seringbara, Nimba Mountains, Guinea: Predation patterns and tool use characteristics

2014.10.08 Paper Sudarath Baicharoen, Takako Miyabe-Nishiwaki, Visit Arsaithamkul, Yuriko Hirai, Kwanruen Duangsa-ard, Boripat Siriaroonrat, Hiroshi Domae, Kornsorn Srikulnath, Akihiko Koga and Hirohisa Hirai: Locational diversity of alpha satellite DNA and intergeneric hybridization aspects in the Nomascus and Hylobates genera of small apes

2014.09.18 Paper Wilson ML. , Boesch C, Fruth B, Furuichi T, Gilby IC. , Hashimoto C, Hobaiter CL. , Hohmann G, Itoh N, Koops K, Lloyd JN. , Matsuzawa T, Mitani JC. , Mjungu DC. , Morgan D, Muller MN. , Mundry R, Nakamura M, Pruetz J, Pusey AE. , Riedel J, Sanz C, Schel AM. , Simmons N, Waller M, Watts DP. , White F, Wittig RM. , Zuberbühler K, Wrangham RW. Lethal aggression in Pan is better explained by adaptive strategies than human impacts

2014.08.21 Paper Mariska Kret, Masaki Tomonaga, Tetsuro Matsuzawa: Chimpanzees and Humans Mimic Pupil-Size of Conspecifics.

2014.07.31 Paper Yamato Tsuji and Yukimaru Sugiyama: Female emigration in Japanese macaques, Macaca fuscata: ecological and social backgrounds and its biogeographical implications


2015.03.19 The PrimateCast #33: Conservation Voices – Naftali Honig/PALF

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