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International Symposium "Evolution of Asian Primates"




日程:8月5日   Registration, Welcome Party

   8月6−8日 Oral & Poster Presentation

   8月7日   18:30  Buffet Party  

この度、国際シンポジウムを上記の日程と会場で開催します。皆様ふるってご参加下さい。 外国招待者は12の国と地域、24名を予定しています。

京都大学霊長類研究所 国際シンポジウム「アジアの霊長類の進化」組織委員会(代表:竹中修)

問い合わせ先 電話:0568-63-0577  FAX:0568-62-9557  E-mail: asiasymp@pri.kyoto-u.ac.jp

1996 International Symposium "Evolution of Asian Primates" August 5 - 8, 1996 at Inuyama International Sight-seeing Center "Freude" & Kyoto University Primate Research Institute sponsored by the Japanese Ministry of Education, Science, Sports and Culture (COE supporting program)

Correspondence: Osamu Takenaka  Tel: (62-)568-63-0577  Fax: (62-)568-62-9557  E-mail: asiasymp@pri.kyoto-u.ac.jp


********** First day: 5th Aug., Monday ***********

14:00 -- Registration at Freude

18:30 -- 21:00 Welcome Party at Grand Banquet Hall of Freude

*********** Second day: 6th Aug., Tuesday ***********

9:00 -- 10:30 Oral Session-1 "Communication, Recognition and Behavior - 1"

  • MM Haraway & EG Maples Jr.: Flexibility in the Species-typical Songs of Gibbons.
  • AE Russon: The Nature and Evolution of Intelligence in Orangutans (Pongo pygmaeus).
  • K Fujita: Discrimination of Macaques by Macaques.

11:00 -- 12:30 Oral Session-2 "Communication, Recognition and Behavior - 2"

  • S Preuschoft: Behaviour Phylogeny of "Laughter" and "Smile" in Macaques.
  • JB Silk: Why do Monkeys Reconcile? B
  • Thierry: Why the Characters of Macaque Social Organizations Covary?

13:30 -- 14:40 Poster Session-1 "Molecular Evolution of Asian Primates"

  • T Kageyama: Molecular Evolution of Asian Macaque Pepsinogen.
  • S Harihara, K Shimizu, T Hashimoto, P Varavudhi & O Takenaka: The DNA Polymorphisms in the β-Globin Gene Cluster of M. fascicularis from Thailand.
  • HS Kim, H Hirai & O Takenaka: Molecular Features in TSPY Gene of Gibbons and Old World Monkeys.
  • T Tanaka & O Takenaka: Phylogenetic Relationships of the Genus Macaca, inferred from the DNA Sequence.
  • M Inoue-Murayama, O Takenaka, K Terao & Y Murayama: Origin and Divergence of a Human Personality Related Gene in Non-human Primates.
  • A Takenaka & O Takenaka: Distribution of a Novel Processed Gene P117 in the Macaques.
  • K Hashiba, K Iida, I Matsuzaki, M Murakami and A Noguchi: Allelic Diversity at the MHC-DP Locus in Cynomolgus Monkey (Macaca fascicularis).

14:40 -- 16:10 Oral Session-3 "Population Biology and Reproductive Strategies"

  • FB Bercovitch: Reproductive Strategies of Rhesus Macaques.
  • JM Soltis, F Mitsunaga, K Shimizu, M Nozaki, Y Yanagihara, X D Roura & O Takenaka: Female Mate Choice in Mating in a Japanese Macaque Group.
  • W Scheffrahn: Population Biology and Genetics of M. sylvanus.

16:40--19:10 Oral Session-4 "Inter- and Intraspecific Differences in Morphology and Molecule"

  • JM Caton: The Gastric Morphology of Pygathrix nemaeus and Its Phyletic Implication.
  • H Suzuki, Y Kawamoto & O Takenaka: Phylogenetic Relationships among the 19 Species of Genus Macaca Based on Restriction Site Variations in rDNA Spacers.
  • K Sumiyama & S Ueda: A High Sequence Variation in Immunoglobulin C alpha Gene Hinge Region in Macaques.
  • B Suryobroto, Y Hamada & T Watanabe: Differences of External Morphology of Sulawesi Macaques and its Geographic Distribution.
  • YP Zhang: Mitochondrial Cytochrome b Gene Sequences and Phylogenetic Relationships of 14 Speceis of Old World Monkeys.

*********** Third day: 7th Aug., Wednesday ***********

9:00 -- 10:30 Oral Session-5 "Breeding and Veterinary Science"

  • F Cho: Breeding/Rearing and Housing/Care of Laboratory Primates for Biomedical Research.
  • D Sajuthi, E Iskandar, RC Kyes, D Iskandriati & J Pamungkas: Management of a Natural Habitat Breeding Colony of Longtailed Macaques.
  • HY Wu & HY Lin: Diet and Parasite Analysis of Macaca cyclopis.

11:00 -- 12:30 Oral Session-6 "Asian Apes"

  • WY Brockelman: Speciation and Hybridization in Gibbons: Distribution of Mixed-species Groups and Hybrids between Hylobates lar and H. pileatus in Thailand.
  • MM Feeroz: Group Formation and Resource Utilization by Hoolock Gibbon (Hylobates hoolock) in an Isolated Forest of Bangladesh.
  • A Suzuki: Two Types of Male and Female Relationship on Copulation of Wild- living Orangutans.

13:30 -- 14:30 Poster Session-2 "Comparative Morphology & Genetics of Asian Primates"

  • Y Kawamoto: Genetic Differentiation of Longtail Macaques (Macaca fascicularis) in the Philippines.
  • T Mouri: Cranial Growth of Crab-eating, Rhesus and Japanese Macaques.
  • T Enomoto, K Matsubayashi, M Nakano, Y Nagato, TL Yusuf & D Sajuthi: Histological Characteristics of Testis of Macaca fascicularis and M. nemestrina.
  • T Koppe, TC Rae, Y Ohkawa, Y Hiraki, & H Nagai: Maxillary Sinus Pneumatization in Catarrhine Primates.
  • B Ding, YP Zhang, ZM Liu, & Y Wei: Preliminary Report on Classification Status of the White-headed Langur (Presbytis francoisi leucocephalus) inferred from Random Amplified Polymorphism DNA.
  • H Hirai: Novel C-banding Pattern and a Plausible Evolutionary Pathway of Chromosome 8 in Gibbons with 44 Chromosomes.

14:30 -- 17:00 Oral Session-7 "Ecology and Conservation"

  • LS Rajpurohit: Why do Mothers Carry the Corpses of Their Infants in Hanuman Langurs (Presbytis entellus)?
  • CP Yeager: Asian Colobine Social Structure: Ecological and Evolutionary Constraints.
  • T Wangchuk: A Census and the Biogeography of Golden Langurs (Presbytis geei) in Bhutan.
  • C Saitoh, T Maruhashi, S Sato, S Suzuki, H Sugiura, N Agetsuma, Y Takahata, H Takahashi, C Sasaki, T Tanaka, J Yamagiwa & T Furuichi: Cost and Benefit of Resource Defense in Japanese Macaques (Macaca fuscata): Guarding Food or Females?
  • QK Zhao: Four Implications Recognized in Seasonal Changes in Body Weight of Tibetan Macaques.

18:30 -- 22:00 Party at Grand Banquet Room of Freude

*********** Fourth day : 8th Aug., Thursday ***********

9:00 -- 10:30 Oral Session -8 "Phylogeny, Classification and Biogeography - 1"

  • J Fooden: Tail Length Variation in M. fascicularis and M. mulatta.
  • E Delson: The Oldest Monkeys in Asia.
  • RL Pan, NG Jablonski, L Freedman & C Oxnard: Morphometric Analysis of the Genus Macaca with Special Refrence to M. arctoides and M. thibetana.

11:00 -- 12:30 Oral Session -9 "Phylogeny, Classification and Biogeography - 2"

  • CP Groves: Systematics of Asian Prosimians.
  • NG Jablonski: The Use of Geographical Information Systems in the Study of Asian Primate.
  • M Aimi: Deployment of Presbytis in Sumatera, Indonesia.

13:30 -- 14:30 Poster Session -3 "Behavioral & Ecological Comparison of Macaques"

  • K Okamoto & S Matsumura: When Do Male Moor Macaques Emit the Loud Call?
  • S Matsumura & K Okamoto: Spatial Proximity among Group Members of Wild Moor Macaques.
  • H Takahashi: Difference in Mating Success among Troop and Non-troop Males of Wild Japanese Macaques in Kinkazan Island, Japan.
  • K Watanabe: Recent Trends of Reproduction of Koshima Monkeys.
  • H Ohsawa & Y Sugiyama: Population Dynamics of Japanese Monkeys at Takasakiyama: Trends after 1985.
  • M Hamai: Analysis of the Acoustic Feature and the Duration of Screams of Adult Female and Juvenile Japanese Macaques in the Different Situation of Conflicts.

14:30 -- 17:00 Oral Session -10 "Speciation and Hybridization of Sulawesi Macaques"

  • Y Kawamoto, RH Setyadji, B Suryobroto, S Harihara & O Takenaka: The Sulawesi macaques - Molecular approach -
  • J Supriatna: Hybrid Zones and the Direction of Dispersal between Macaca tonkeana and Macaca maurus.
  • Y Hamada, T Watanabe, B Suryobroto, & M Iwamoto: Somatometrical Comparison between Sulawesi Macaques and the Hybrids between M. tonkeana and M. hecki.
  • S Gotoh: Parasite Fauna and Hematological Values in M. hecki and the Hybrids between M. hecki and M. tonkeana.

19:00 -- Farewell Beer Party at the Grand Meeting Hall of KUPRI.

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