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Cooperative Research Workshop

Scope and Challenges of Bonobo Research
-- the resumption of field study ---

場所:京都大学霊長類研究所 本棟1階 大会議室 (愛知県犬山市)

Date: Fri 25 JUL 2003
Place: Kyoto University Primate Research Institute 1Fl. Main Bldg. Conference Hall (Inuyma City, Aichi)

開会挨拶 (森明雄)
9:00-10:30 ボノボ調査地からの現状報告 (座長 森明雄)
  Jo Thompson (Lukuru Wildlife Research) -- Lukuru
  Jef Dupain (Zoological Society of Antwerp)-- Lomako
  Valentin Omasombo (Institut Congolais pour la Conservation de la Natur) -- Salonga
  Omari Ilambu (Wildlife Conservation Society) -- Salonga
  Inogwabini Bila-Isia (Wildlife Conservation Society) -- Salonga
  Mbangi Mulavwa (Research Center for Ecology and Forestry) -- Wamba
  Mwanza Ndunda (Research Center for Ecology and Forestry)- Lac Tunba
  Barbara Fruth (Max-Planck-Institute for Behavioural Ecology) -- Lomako


10:45-12:30 行動の種内比較と種間比較 (座長 Gottfried Hohmann)
  Gottfried Hohmann (Max-Planck-Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology)
Local traditions in bonobos ? A preliminary assessment of behavioural variation
Behavioral comparisons between chimpanzees of Bossou and Mahale.
Comparison of sexual behaviors of chimpanzees and bonobos.
  Hilde Vervaecke (University of Antwerp)
Topic from behavioral studies in captive population.


13:30-15:00 生態学的比較研究の方法論  (座長 古市剛史)
Methods for ecological studies: towards the understanding adaptation of great apes.
Comparative studies on chimpanzees and gorillas.
  Barbara Fruth (Max-Planck-Institute for Behavioural Ecology)
Topic from recent studies on bonobo foods.


15:15-16:30 ボノボの保護活動の最前線 (座長 Jo Thompson)
  Jo Thompson (Lukuru Wildlife Research)
Current situation of wild bonobos and action plans for conservation.
Conservation effort in ABC orphanage.
  Gay Reinartz (Zoological Society of Milwaukee)
Zoos and conservation.
  Jonas Eriksson (Max-Planck-Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology)
Conservation from a viewpoint of DNA studies.
ディスカッサント: 五百部裕(椙山女学園大学)、黒田末寿(滋賀県立大学)、鈴木滋、竹ノ下祐二、田代靖子、山越言、伊藤詞子(京都大学)、西原智昭(野生生物保全論研究会)
連絡先:京都大学霊長類研究所 社会構造分野 森 明雄
〒484-8506 愛知県犬山市官林  電話0568 63 0542 (森)、0568 63 0545(社会構造分野事務室)