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International Course in Primatology and Wildlife Research

Leading Graduate Program in Primatology and Wildlife Science

2015.08.24 Paper Kathelijne Koops, Takeshi Furuichi & Chie Hashimoto: Chimpanzees and bonobos differ in intrinsic motivation for tool use

2015.08.24 Paper Chie Hashimoto, Mina Isaji, Kathelijne Koops, Takeshi Furuichi: First records of tool-set use for ant-dipping by Eastern chimpanzees (Pan troglodytes schweinfurthii) in the Kalinzu Forest Reserve, Uganda

2015.08.24 Paper Andrew M. Reynolds, Yan Ropert-Coudert, Akiko Kato, Andre Chiaradia, Andrew J.J. MacIntosh: A priority-based queuing process explanation for scale-free foraging behaviours

2015.08.13 Paper Meyer X,* MacIntosh AJJ*, Kato A, Chiaradia A, Ropert-Coudert Y: Hydrodynamic handicaps and organizational complexity in the foraging behavior of two free-ranging penguin species

2015.08.12 Paper Takeshi Nishimura, Juri Suzuku, Takato Miyabe-Nishiwaki, et al. Minor contributions of the maxillary sinus to the air-conditioning performance in macaque monkeys

2015.08.12 Paper Stephan A. Reber, Takeshi Nishimura, Judith Janisch, Mark Robertson and W. Tecumseh Fitch. A Chinese alligator in heliox: formant frequencies in a crocodilian

2015.07.30 MacIntosh A. J. J. (2015) At the edge of chaos - error tolerance and the maintenance of Levy statistics in animal movement: Comment on "Liberating Levy walk research from the shackles of optimal foraging" by A. M. Reynolds. Physics of Life Reviews. doi: 10.1016/j.plrev.2015.07.010

2015.07.23 Paper Nami Suzuki-Hashido, Takashi Hayakawa, Atsushi Matsui, Yasuhiro Go, Yoshiro Ishimaru, Takumi Misaka, Keiko Abe, Hirohisa Hirai, Yoko Satta, Hiroo Imai: Rapid Expansion of Phenylthiocarbamide Non-Tasters among Japanese Macaques

2015.06.24 Paper Koda H, Tokuda IT, Wakita M, Ito T, and Nishimura T*: The source-filter theory of whistle-like calls in marmosets: Acoustic analysis and simulation of helium-modulated voices

2015.06.22 Paper Naho Konoike, Yuka Kotozaki, Hyeonjeong Jeong, Atsuko Miyazaki, Kohei Sakaki, Takamitsu Shinada, Motoaki Sugiura, Ryuta Kawashima, Katsuki Nakamura "Temporal and Motor Representation of Rhythm in Fronto-Parietal Cortical Areas: An fMRI Study"

Job Vacancy

2015.06.16 Job Vacancy Announcement Assistant professor:Department of Evolution and Phylogeny Deadline 17:00 (Japan time), 30th September, 2015


2015.08.24 Publication Editors: Furuichi, Takeshi, Yamagiwa, Juichi, Aureli, Filippo : Dispersing Primate Females,Life History and Social Strategies in Male-Philopatric Species

2015.07.16 Publication Rafaela S. C. Takeshita, Michael A. Huffman, Fred B. Bercovitch: Non-invasive analysis of adrenal hormones in Japanese macaques