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Changes to activity restrictions for prevention of the novel coronavirus infection (from 12th October)


Dear Members of PRI:

Dear colleagues and students,

Although the new coronavirus infection has not yet been brought to an end, we have been informed that the restriction level at Kyoto University will be changed from Level 2 (-) to Level 1, effective October 1. We at the Primate Research Institute will return to our normal work and ease the restrictions from October 12. Please be aware that the restriction level will be changed in the future when there is a change in the restrictions on Kyoto University's activities, or when an alert is issued by the government or prefectural government.

1) Faculty and staff work will revert from remote to attendance by commuting. If the risk of infection is high due to commuting to work in a public transportation, consider staggered work schedules. If there is an exceptional reason to work remotely, such as if there is a possibility that a family member has been infected with a new type of coronavirus or if you or a family member has an underlying medical condition that is likely to cause severe symptoms, please submit a written notification to the Section of General Affairs.

2) Restrictions on domestic travel and acceptance of domestic collaborators will be lifted. However, please take measures to prevent infection to the greatest extent possible.

3) Accepting interns and foreign students from abroad are released. However, it is important to follow the guidelines set out by the authorities, including ensuring that no infections are detected upon arrival in the country, voluntary quarantine in accommodations near the airport for two weeks, and securing transportation other than by public transportation.

4) Lectures, experiments, or lab/field exercises, follow the Level 1 activity restrictions listed in the "Guidelines for Graduated Restrictions on Activities to Prevent the Novel Coronavirus Infection", issued by the Kyoto University Graduate School of Sciences.

5) Faculty meetings and others will be held face-to-face to the greatest extent possible to prevent infection, but online attendance will continue to be allowed.

6) The staffs and outside investigators are allowed to conduct experiments in the Monkey Area only if there is no evidence of physical abnormality for two weeks prior to the experiment.

7) Refraining from eating and drinking at restaurants that serve food and drink will be lifted, but please take countermeasures against infection to the greatest extent possible. In addition, please select restaurants that take adequate countermeasures against infection.

Takakazu YUMOTO
Primate Research Institute,
Kyoto University