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Additional Measures to Prevent the Novel Coronavirus Infection

Dear PRI Members:

As we announced recently, the Kyoto University headquarters has raised the level of activity restrictions for COVID prevention to Level 2(-).
Accordingly, we will follow the basic guidelines and (1) stop in-person classes and switch to online instructions, (2) recommend online participation in meetings within the university, and (3) recommend remote work and staggered work shifts.

The university's decision to raise the activity restriction level is in response to the expansion of the areas under the COVID emergency declaration (from 6 prefectures to 13 prefectures including Kyoto, starting on August 20). In addition, the areas under the "Intensive Measures to Prevent the Spread of the Novel Coronavirus" (まん延防止等重点措置) will expand to 16 prefectures including Aichi Prefecture, with the city of Inuyama scheduled to be one of the specifically targeted municipalities beginning on August 21. In the Tokyo metropolitan area, the number of COVID cases is said to have exceeded the capacity of hospitals to provide adequate care. In Aichi Prefecture, the number of hospitalized patients has not yet reached the Stage 4 level, but it is likely a matter of time before the emergency declaration is issued here, given that the number of positive tests is now at record high.

Thus, the Primate Research Institute also needs to take actions according to Kyoto University's Level 2(-) activity restrictions. In addition to the previous instructions and recommendations for preventing COVID, we ask you to note the following four points:

1) We strongly recommend you to work from home when possible.
2) When using public transportation, try to come to work early and go home early, avoiding rush hours.
3) Avoid congregation by working in separate rooms and/or by staggering work shifts.
4) Job supervisors and academic advisors should bear in mind the nationwide COVID crisis when setting work schedules for employees and students under their supervision (For example, make accommodations for those who use public transportation so that they can avoid night-time commutes and come home by 20:00).

Takakazu Yumoto
Director, PRI