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Japanese report

AS-HOPE report


To see the system of society and education

Report:Fujisawa Michiko

Date:2010/11/19 - 2010/12/01

Bhutan government is producing the country based on Buddhist spiritual values. The government policy is the most important thing is the happiness of citizen. Development is also important but it is next to the people happiness. In past, Japanese people also had the similar thinking based on Buddhism and were living in simple way and by helping each other.
The most impressive thing I felt in Bhutan was the short distance between people. If the distance between people was short, people could easily notice the person in trouble and might help each other. But if the distance was long people could not see the trouble and they could keep self-centered way of living.
The policy of Gross National Happiness (GNH) in Bhutan is the choice after observation of negative effect of rash development of their neighboring countries. Recently people can get information of foreign convenient and sometimes glamorous life. It must be a big challenge to keep Bhutan policy without to be influenced by a flood of those information. We Japanese developed with giving emphasis on growth and profit. But from the viewpoint of aging problem and environment conservation, it may be the time to learn the policy of GNH based on Buddhist spiritual values. Gross National Happiness (GNH)
1. Promotion of sustainable development
2. Preservation and promotion of cultural values
3. Conservation of the natural environment
4. Establishment of good governance

Elementary school of Phobjikha.

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