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English report

AS-HOPE 事業報告


CHIMPANZEE BEHAVIORAL GAME THEORY collaborative research / training

報告者:クリストファー マーティン 

期間:2011 /7/5 - 2011 / 8/17

 During this trip, I was able to visit Caltech (California), Chicago Zoo and University of Chicago experimental science conference, and Indianapolis Zoo. The majority of my time was spent at Caltech (1 month), where I worked daily on data analysis with members of Colin F Camerer's laboratory. Professor Camerer and I drafted a paper on chimpanzee game theory and we will submit the paper for publication. It was a very helpful and productive collaboration, and his laboratory is arguably the best in the world for analyzing game theory data using comprehensive modeling protocols. At Caltech I also gave a seminar presentation on chimpanzee game theory experiments at PRI.

 I spent one week traveling to Chicago and Indianapolis. In Chicago, I attended the annual meeting of the Economic Science Association at the University of Chicago Booth Business School. It was a great opportunity to present on chimpanzee game theory and receive feedback from the international community of experimental economists. After the conference, I spent a day at the Lincoln Park Zoo meeting with Steve Ross, the ape research director. We spoke about continuing our collaborative chimp video conferencing project. I also spent a day at Indianapolis Zoo, where I gave a presentation to the research team there headed by Dr. Robert Shumaker. Dr. Shumaker is interested in beginning a collaboration with us at PRI regarding computer software that will enable the orangutans in Indianapolis to interact with Chimpanzees at PRI over the internet. This will be a great opportunity to expand the game theory tasks I have developed for the chimps at PRI.

Picture with Colin Camerer

Picture with Robert Shumake

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