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Last update: 24th May, 2018



Name Qualification Research themes
YUMOTO, Takakazu Professor Ecology of tropical forests, relationships between primates and vegetation
HANYA, Goro Associate Professor Ecology of Japanese macaques, primate community ecology in South-east Asian tropical rain forests
HASHIMOTO, Chie Assistant Professor Studies on wild bonobos and chimpanzees
KURIHARA, Yosuke JSPS Research Fellow (PD) Feeding ecology and intergroup relationships of Japanese macaques in Yakushima
MOURI, Keiko Researcher Primate hormone dynamics
SARABIAN, Cecile PhD Student Hygiene, infection-risk avoidance, adaptive system of disgust and health maintenance in Papionini and Hominini in Japan, Gabon, and DRC
TAKE, Makiko PhD Student Diet comparison of sympatric primates in an Amazonian fragmented forest
HONDA, Takeaki PhD Student Seasonal ranging of Japanese macaques in summit area of Yakushima
TOGE, Akito PhD Student Diet comparison of sympatric primates in the Karinzu Forest Reserve, Uganda
TOKUSHIGE, Emi Master Student Primate parasite ecology in the Kalinzu Forest Reserve, Uganda
LEE, Wanyi Master Student Influence of habitat environment on gut microbe compositions in Japanese macaques
HE, Tianmeng Master Student Food toughness and mastication of Japanese macaques in Yakushima
OI, Yuri Assisatant Administrative Staff

Alumni Members

Mari Nishikawa (postdoctoral fellow) Apr. 2018. JSPS research fellow (PD) at University of Tokyo
Shun Hongo (postdoctoral fellow) Apr. 2018. Research fellow at Center for African Area Studies, Kyoto University
Saeko Terada (researcher) Apr. 2018. Research fellow at National Institute for Environmental Studies
Izumi Nakamura (master student) Mar. 2018. Completed
Akiko Sawada (postdoctoral fellow) Apr. 2017. JSPS research fellow (PD) in Kyoto Prefectural University
John Sha (JSPS postdoctoral fellow) Nov. 2016. Returned to Singapore
Nobuo Imai (Postdoctoral fellow) Apr. 2016. Associate professor in Tokyo University of Agriculture
Natsumi Aruga (master student) Mar. 2016. Completed
Hiroki Sato (JSPS research fellow (PD))@Apr. 2016. Assistant professor in the Center for African Area Studies, Kyoto University
Yosuke Otani(Postdoctoral fellow) Apr. 2015. Assistant professor in Osaka University
Moe Go (Assistant research staff) Mar. 2015. Retired
Akie Miyata (Master student) Mar. 2015. Completed
Shun Ejima (Master student) Mar. 2014. Completed
Riyou Tsujino (Postdoctoral fellow) Apr. 2013. Associate professor in Nara University of Education
Kunio Watanabe (Professor) Mar. 2012. Retired
Mina Isaji (Assistant research staff) Dec. 2011. Moved to Long-term Field Study Project
Ikki Matsuda (JSPS research fellow)@Nov. 2011. Assistant professor in Long-term Field Study Project
Zhang Peng (JSPS postdoctoral fellow) Jul. 2011. Associate professor in Sun Yat-Sen University
Cedric Sueur (JSPS postdoctoral fellow) Jul. 2011. Returned to France
Miki Matsubara (Postdoctoral fellow)@Apr. 2011. Moved to Section of Social Systems Evolution
Rizaldi (JSPS postdoctoral fellow) Nov. 2010. Lecturer in Andalas University, Indonesia
Eriko Matsuoka (Master student) Sep. 2010. Left the institute
Aya Yamada (PhD candidate, Completed) Apr. 2010. Researcher in Western Region Agricultural Research Center, NARO
Tadahiro Murai (Assistant research staff) Apr. 2010. Moved to Section of Cognition and Learning
Hiroto Enari (JSPS research fellow) Dec. 2009. Assistant prfessor in Utsunomiya University
Armand Jacobs (Researcher) Mar. 2009. Returned to France
Mariko Suzuki (PhD candidate) Apr. 2009. Moved to Wildlife Research Center, Kyoto University
Makiko Harasawa (PhD candidate) Apr. 2009. Moved to Wildlife Research Center, Kyoto University


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