Takeshi FURUICHI Professor Ecology and social behavior of bonobos, chimpanzees, and Japanese macaques.
Evolution of social structure of primates.
Michael A. HUFFMAN Associate Professor Primate self-medicative behavior, mechanisms of the diffusion of behavioral traditions, primate parasite ecology.
Aru TOYODA PhD Student (D2/JSPS Research Fellow (DC2)) Socioecological study on sexual behavior and reproductive ecology of Stump-tailed macaques in Khao Krapuk Khao Taomo Non Hunting Area, Thailand., Genetic study on reproductive success of male Stump-tailed macaques by fragment analysis of microsatellite DNA
Kazuya TODA PhD Student (D1)

Josue ALEJANDRO PASTRANA Master Student (M2) Evaluating stress in male Japanese Macaques living in two types of housing conditions
Shintaro ISHIZUKA PhD Student (JSPS Research Fellow (DC1)/PWS Leading Graduate Student L3)

Hiroki OKAMURA Master Student (M1)
Nelson BROCHE Masters student (M1/PWS Leading Graduate Student L1)  Saliva as a non-invasive tool for measuring stress in Japanese macaques 
Shouhei SHIBATA Master Student (M1)
Takumasa YOKOYAMA Research student
Kumi MIURA Secretary