Ecology and social behavior of bonobos, chimpanzees, and Japanese macaques.
Evolution of social structure of primates.
Michael A. HUFFMAN
Associate Professor Primate self-medicative behavior, mechanisms of the diffusion of behavioral traditions, primate parasite ecology.
Yamato TSUJI
Assistant Professor
Spatiotemporal variation in feeding ecology of macaques and colobines.
Seed dispersal by primates and carnivores.
Multispecies association.
Post-Doctral Fellow Ecology of chimpanzees and bonobos.
(Relation between micrometeorology and behavior, feeding ecology, tool using behavior, palaeo-geography of African continent and the evolution of African apes)
 Nahoko TOKUYAMA PhD Student (D3), JSPS Research Fellow (DC1)   The adaptive function of redirected aggression in semi-provisioned Japanese macaques.
Aggression and Post-conflict behavior in wild bonobos.
The collective decision making of wild bonobos.
 Heungjin RYU PhD Student (D3)   Studying wild bonobos at Wamba, DR Congo.
Social behavior and sexual swelling,
Life-history reproductive strategy of bonobos.
 Cintia GARAI  PhD Student (D3)  Behavior of wild bonobos and genetic polymorphism as a background of their behavior.


  PhD Student (D2)
JSPS Research Fellow (DC1)
 Multimodal ovulatory signaling in Japanese macaques: behavioral, visual, auditory and olfactory cues of ovulation.

Rafaela Sayuri Takeshita

PhD Student (D2)   Non-invasive monitoring of endocrine status in nonhuman primates.
Primate social behavior and hormonal changes.
 Aru TOYODA Master Student (M2)   Non-conceptive sexual behavior in Japanese Macaques.
 Kazuya TODA Master Student (M1)  
Josue ALEJANDRO PASTRANA Master Student (M1) Evaluating stress in male Japanese Macaques living in two types of housing conditions
Ishizuka shintaro Master Student (M1)
Gomyo hiroko Master Student (M1)

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