Itani Junichiro album1


Upper left (Although it is an important photograph, the expansion print taken out to every place is not returned. Since only is original, I want you to expand from now on.)

Dr. Imanishi began to investigate the half-wildness horse of Toimisaki in 1947, and Mr. Shunzo Kawamura will participate in spring of 1948. Kawamura and Itani participated and investigation was advanced by three persons in autumn of 1948. Those days, Mr. Kawamura was dealing with the graduation thesis of the deer of Nara by 3 regeneration, I (Itani) am 1 regeneration and the research theme was groping . I will regard this photograph as the thing of early summer in 1950. 1949, there will be the first Kyoto University incident etc. and I did not come out  in the fields. Kisaburo Tokuda went into 1 younger and Kawamura, Itani, and Tokuda participated in 1950. At this time, we had hardened the decision of research of  Japanese Monkey.
Now, the place of a photograph does not change for the fields in ソテツ of the hotel of the shimizu of Toimisaki, and the front garden of grass.


Lower left The Lord of the hotel of those days. Mr. Shimizu yoshiyuki is a bust now. He surf-fish in the day time and often blown Shakuhachi at evening. Investigation was fairly helped by the courtesy of Shimizu husband and wife.


Upper right Yard of the present (1999 early summer) Shimizu Hotel. It will seldom change 50 years before except the wooden back having become somewhat high. Shibushi bay from here and the evening glow of the Okuma peninsula is wonderful in the evening. Sometimes both tall Yaku island and Tanega islands can be expected to this left.


Left Horses comes to eat the grass of the yard of Shimizu Hotel still now.


Left Although it was old building 50 years ago, it was builded new now.