Itani Junichiro Album 2


Upper left February, 1958.

The Japan Monkey Centre Institute and Museum of Primatology first Africa anthropoid investigation team.Dr. Imanishi and Itani were sent. Even acquisition of foreign currency was a difficult time.

The purpose is meeting the researcher of the pilot survey of a wildness gorilla, and the overseas primates in equatorial Africa, calling at research institution, and the data collection to be turned to the primates zoo construction in the world which is planning establishment to Inuyama in the future. Destinations were Kenya, Tanganyika, Uganda, Burundi, Rwanda, the Belgian Congo, Congo, Cameroon and France, Switzerland, Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, Britain, and the United States. A term will be than five months by July from February, 1958. It realized only after there was assistance of Chairman Keizo Shibusawa, Chairman of the board of directors Tuyoshi Tamura , Motoo Tsuchikawa, and managing director Miyachi denzaburo. This photograph may be a thing when leaving Haneda in the evening and stepping on the ground of Bangkok in the next morning. It was the super consteration  of the India air line, 4 propellers before a jet engine.



We arrived at Nairobi and calling at Mr. animal quotient car heartlay's farm globally prominent those days to north Rumuruti of Nairobi made the plan first. We went to Rumuruti by taxi. Return stayed at the hotel between the mountains of Nieri. The right, Dr. Imanishi. Those who are wearing the helmet cap also to Nairobi those days were rare. The left is Mr. car hertlay. And the family. Left end is Mr. Smith of a driver. We also met Dr. L.S.B. Leakey, the superintendent of a Corindon memorial museum (the present national Kenya museum) of those days. However, there is no photograph at that time.



Left we went  from Nairobi by bus to Alusya of Tanganyika, and day's trip mountain climbing of a meru mountain (4,800m) was performed. This photograph is in the slides. We flew to Entebbe in Uganda from Nairobi, preparation was prepared in Kampala, young writer Mr. Shinsuke Fujishima was added, and we went to Kisoro of southwest Uganda and a Kigeji state by his drive. In front of the Travelers Inn in small town Kisoro north of the habitat of a gorilla, Mr. Baumgarter a owner of this Inn  and Mr. Imanishi are having a pleasant chat immediately. We stayed at this hotel. He went out for day's trip investigation of a gorilla to the foot of a mountain of a southern Muhabura mountain and Mugahinga mountain. We met mother and child's gorilla for a start of the day, and the cry of a big male was showered. In the meantime, the summit of the Muhabura mountain (4,300m) is gained.




Distant view of a Bufunbira death volcano group. The mountain gorilla inhabits this whole. The thing with the Muhabura mountain at the easternmost end of mountains and the next flatter is a Mugahinga mountain (a crater is situated in the summit of the mountain). The following flat thing is Virike. Karisimubi mountain  triangle highest peak. A right end is a Mikeno mountain.


In above sea level  of about 2,000m , the Hagenia abyssinica of the department of a rose is.
Vegetable vertical distribution is interesting.



Mr. Fujishima and Mr. Imanishi approach to a gorilla in the foot-of-a-mountain part of a Mugahinga. It was the mixed zone of evergreens and a bamboo. A gorilla likes bamboo shoot of this bamboo (Armndinarea alpina).