Itani Junichiro Album3


After gorilla investigating by Bufunbira, we went north. We crosed the woods of Kayonza and the Queen Elizabeth national park , and reached  Forte portal of  the east Rooenzori mountain .  Preparation was prepared here and we went to Roowenzori mountain climbing. However, although a chimpanzee is in this mountain, there is no gorilla. We went back the Bujuku valley, we spent two night , and reached the Bujuku-hat. Mr. Imanishi and I approached about 200m of Speak Mine that shown this photograph. However , the glacier is blue ice, and an ice ax could not be used, either, but gaining the summit was abandoned. This photograph is the view of Speak from the southwest stoolmans path of Bujuku.
The summit of Speak Mine is in fog. A front tree is giant Senesio. Back of this position is a Elena glacier. Highest peak Alexandra of this mountains and Marugerita rise high beyond the over there.



Tree heath wood near the tree line of Roowenzori, 
philapia sp. the department of ツツジ, Usunea sp. It is the moss wood clothed in which and attached.


We went Burundi and Rwanda behind Uganda and  called at the virus research institute situated in Kisangani in the Belgian Congo. Many chimpanzees and BONOBOs were bred and it used for the experiment.
Dr. Imanishi stands in front of the breeding institution.