Itani Junichiro Album 4


Upper left.
We went to Yaounde in Cameroon via the Belgian Congo and Congo.The pilot survey of a lowland gorilla was the purpose. We asked the farm of Mr. Philip Carroll, the American dealer in animals, here.
He became a bad reputation by gorilla capture. The child of an animals [ several ] gorilla and many chimpanzees were kept in this farm, and it was expensive to a European and American zoo, a European and American experiment place, etc., and sold to them.
A photograph is Dr. Imanishi who embraces the child of a gorilla named "Bigman".


Upper right.
From Mr. Carroll, we acquire information and go into the woods of the south in Yaounde.
We stayed overnight in the church of a small town called Abonban.
The right is Mr. Imanishi. The middle is a missionary's wife. The left is Itani.
The kindness ,  a variety, fleshness of fruit at breakfast  and missionary husband and wife is not forgotten.


Lower right
We passed into the United States through European countries behind Africa, and called on Harvard University in the Boston  first. We already had data of cultural action of Japanese Monky. We talked with many researchers about cultures of non-human primate. This photograph is in front of  the Peabody museum of Harvard University. Right Dr. Imanishi. Middle Ph. Clyde crack phon. Professor has the famous paper "Concept of culture" (1945).