Itani Junichiro Album 5


Although an order returns, this is the tstory in the woods in Cameroon again.

I participated in the group of Mr. Hideaki Terashima of Kobe Gakuin University, and asked the woods in Cameroon for the first time in 40 years exactly in 1997. I moved to south for one more day from Abonban, and  passed along Bajue fellows' village Jikaposuten visited by preliminary inspection of a lowland gorilla a long time ago. I met Gabriel of this photograph at that time.

He was the person who arranged our investigation 40 years ago. However, it was also Philip Carroll's hand.
He made Baka-pigumi which lives in woods catch a gorilla, and had sent it to Yaounde.

In the villager, only he had memorized the visit of Mr. Imanishi and me  40 years ago. He was in the sickbed.
Having risen was as hard as possible. He grasped my hand and missed far ancient times.




40 years before. Gabriel was young. He had said "I have two Pigumis." The right is the wife and child of the "two" and the husband had gone to woods. This Pigumi had achieved Pigumi in woods (Baka fellows), and the role of Gabriel's agency.

By this Jikaposten, Itani meets one male of a lowland gorilla, and is exposed to the intense cry.