Itani Junichiro Album 6


Returns to the United States again. We asked Professor C.R. Carpenter of the Pennsylvania State and the university of Jacksonville in Pennsylvania. He is the pioneer of primates study. He lost the eldest son by the Pacific War. However, he was kind to us. He told sincerity per development of this learning. Dr. carpenter and Dr. Imanishi have the "PRIMATES", No. 1 per volume.



Professor L.S. Washburn had waited for us in Chicago University. He moved to Berkeley in California and, also now, it is heard that he is living. (editor Notes: Professor Washburn died on April 16, 2000) He endeavored after the chairman of a U.S. anthropology meeting behind. Those days, the professor tried to send a pupil's Irvine Dovo in research of  ヒヒ of Africa. Dr. Carpenter began primates research by the naturalistic technique. Dr. Washburn had positioned primates research in the anthropological position to it. That is, the research of new human evolution in anthropology.

 And this new wave will show big development in the West in the 1960s. However, in Japan, the motion same as a center was already ten years ago about Dr. Imanishi. We had already studied ニホンザル and the gorilla.