Itani Junichiro Album 7


The 3rd investigation of Japan Monkey Centre Institute and Museum of Primatology. Itani carried out independently. While this year Congo became independent, disturbance happened. I investigated in the woods of Kayonza of the Uganda southwest. It was only 2 times that I met with the gorilla during 40 days of the investigation. This is the first time. One group of a gorilla was seen on the opposite slope of the valley of Ihizo. The huge male of black and white is visible to the central upper right. At this time, it confronted each other over 6 hours. A valley and ridge suited Kayonza in all directions. I got tired out with crime and down all day long.


Lower left.
The hunting people Tuwa fellows in these woods were employed as guidance, and investigation was advanced.
This is one person Ngeragezi.
Although it was silent, it was a good-natured person.


Scenery of the meal of Tuwa pigumi.
The right is Rurisa Kagesha. He was the most intrepid hunter.
I (Itani) often argued with him. However, we trusted it mutually.


Lower right. In Kayonza, I stayed at the Koriasu camp which Makerere university in Kampala manages, and investigation was advanced. The previous commemoration photography.

From left. Farming people Tiga fellows' boy, Ephraima and  Eric. Itani. Hunting people Tuwa fellows' Rurisa Kagesha, Gisho Gisyoge and Bakuwate boy. The height of Tuwa is less than 150cm.