Itani Junichiro Album10


Upper left.

The ceremony to celebrate the completion of the Kabogo base was held splendidly. Tongue fellows' sub chief (Mutoware) and important persons were invited from the Karago village which is north for a while.

Right chief Rusagarika. Center Mr. Imanishi. Left Mr. Morimichi Tomikawa.


Lower left.

Mr. Imanishi reads a book at the laboratory of the Kabogo base. When considered from now, Every things were in this Sekisui-house. Air-conditioning, a dynamo, a refrigerator, books, andmicroscopes and also foods of all Japan were. However, only two years used it for investigation of a chimpanzee by the reason on investigation advance. We had to throw away this base soon and had to go into the hinterland more.



This is a photograph in 1967. It photographed in the colony of Rukandamira near  the Mahare mountains south futher than Kabogo. The chief of Rukandamira (Muwami) is the left in the back row. He covered with the lion hair crown. Other people are the family. From 1971, Mr. Makoto Kakegaawa began anthropological ecology investigation about this tribe.


It is the no-man's-land of an about 30km east from Kabogo. The Kasakaty basin was our 2nd investigation ground. It was a place with many savage beasts. I appeared in the safari for 7-10days centering on here.
Right Itani. The others are porters.


Above Captain Imanishi tastes the gin with ice.