Itani Junichiro Album11


Upper left.

1965, Mr. Toshisada Nishida began to investigate the chimpanzee of Mahare mountains. He succeeded in feeding in 1966. Research progressed quickly. A center is the main Mine Nkungue (2820m). A front is the yellow flower of Herikurisumu of the department of a chrysanthemum.



Left The Main Mine and ridgeline Nkungue. Chimpanzees are reaching even this Mine.



Left same as above


Upper right.

Mahare mountains seen from the northeast. From right. Mehenkenabantu mountain, low Fumo mountain, Highest peak Nkungue mountain, Sibindy mountain, Mufituwa mountain. Much peaks higher than 2,000m  still follows the left (south).


Lower right.

September 30, 1956 (editor notes : as it is). It succeeded in the 4th gaining the summit of Nkungue with Mr. Nishida and three guides of Tongue. This photograph was taken on the intermediate Muhensanabantu summit on September 29. Most back is Mr. Nishida. The foremost is Omari Kabure.