F-1 My figures

Mr. Akira Suzuki and I had a chance to record observation of the procession of the chimpanzee which consists of 43 animals in September, 1955.
It was in no-man's-land Firabanga which went into inland further from Kasakaty. 
A unit group is not accepted in the society of a chimpanzee. To that time, some researchers had such opinions. However, the peculiar arrangement of this record suggests the original structure of a chimpanzee.
This is figure-ization about F-1 -1. A lower  is a sequence of Firabanga. The upper  is a sequence of another group similar to it. Feeding was successful in Mahare by Mr. Toshisada Nishida at this next year. Existence of the unit group of a chimpanzee was proved. This unit group is the society of the paternal line with the completely contrastive maternal line society of a Japanese monkey. Furthermore, Mr. Nishida and Mr. Kenji Kawanaka clarified it in 1958. (* according to the original)
F-1-3 ~ F-1-5
These are the figure of Time structure of unit group of seed society of the primates.