M-1 Various meetings and personal relations

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We visited Professor Harry Harrow (left)  and Mr. Meison (center) in the primates laboratory of Wisconsin University. The right is Mr. Imanishi.
We visited Professor C.R. Carpenter at the Pennsylvania State University. Professor Carpenter has gained "Primates" Vol.1 No.1 which Japan Monkey Centre Institute and Museum of Primatology just published. The right, Mr. Imanishi.
Three persons, Mr. Imanishi, Mr. Kawamura, and I, climbed mountains in the Iya Katamuki from Oita Taketa.
We ate バイケイソウ and were poisoned at the Local Forestry Offices of Futamata in this day.
 On the next day, we went to Natsuki mountain. The bonfire of lunch ignited in my rucksack. I had  burned a things and shoes. We climbed Natsuki, and bivouacked in the upstream of Houri river.
 We reach Okuzure on the next day. Mr. Kawamura took this photograph. The left, Mr. Imanishi. Right, Itani.