M-1 Various meetings and personal relations

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The autumn of 1967. Researchers of those days gathering in the entrance of completed Japan Monkey Centre Institute and Museum of Primatology.

I need to investigate time. A commemorative photo when Mr. Kinshasa university president-of-a-university Tibang Tisik of Zaeel visited.

Left, Keiichi Sakamoto, Zaeel man of the companion to Mr. Tibang, Mr. Tibang president, the Michio Okamoto president of a university, Mr. Hiroya Kawanabe, Mr. Masao Kawai, Itani.

1961. From Kigoma, we visited the Jane Goodall in the Gombe stream by ship. The second person from the left is Mr. Shigeru Azuma. The back is Mr. Imanishi, Itani, and Jane Goodall. At this time, she has suffered from the endemic disease and was depressed.