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T-1-13 The old bed of a chimpanzees.


1971. Seven persons, Mr. Jiro Tanaka and Mrs. Tanaka, eldest son Hiroki and the Kakeya husband and wife just after a newlywed, and I and my wife.

We visited the northern part in Tanzania.
The Tanaka family went to Karahari.
Kakeya husband and wife went to investigation of the beginning of the tongwe fellows of the shore of the east in Tanganyika.
I was the schedule of investigation singly of a chimpanzee. I was going to inspect the Tanzania northern part before it.

We went Arusha, a Meru national park, a lake Maniara national park, Ordoby, selenium Getty, and Zanzibar to Dar-es-Salaam the surroundings. We went to each destination from there.

This is place unknown here.


Tanganyika became independent in December, 1961. The prosperous celebration occurred in the whole country. This is photographed by Uzizi.

It became dark, and the lighting to the Union Jack hung up over the open space till then was turned off, and the open space filled in the crowd became dark.

When lighting put on again, the national flag of Tanganyika had fluttered.

Although there is no photograph, Mr. Imanishi  also saw this celebration.