Slide T-3(Tongwe Land)

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 The photograph at the time of investigation of the beginning of 1958. I went to Arusha by bus after the Nairobi arrival and several days.
 And I stayed overnight in the farm of South African at the foot of Meru. I climbed the a little more than 4,800m, Meru mountain by the day's trip. This is the whole picture of Meru.

When the sixth stage was exceeded, it came on the tree line. It reaches 1 step and is half-a-step slide. It becomes the steep incline in sand. The footprint of black rhinoceros was about every direction. However, fortunately I did not meet.


 I climbed the tree line. Since this mountain has got dry, it has neither a giant lobelia nor the zone of Giant Senesio. It became barren sand when escaped from the zone of a heath (Philipia sp.).