Itani Junichiro

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February, 1958.
Photography Itani.
Place Nairobi, Japanese consulate official residence.

Those days, there was no embassy in Nairobi, and there was only a consulate. The consulate was situated in Nairobi, Congo Berge, and Leopoldville, respectively, and there was nothing in Tanganyika and Uganda.
The right, the Nairobi consul, Mr. Hayashida and Mrs. Hayashida.
A center and two persons are a man of a trading company.
Left Imanishi.

February, 1958.
Photography Itani.
Place Between Nairoobi-Arusha.

February, 1958 (in inside of Kenya bus).
We went to Alusya of Tanganyika by bus in several days after the Africa (Nairobi) arrival, and climbed the Meru mountain.
This is Imanishi in the train.


February, 1958.
Photography Itani.
Place Carr Hartley's Farm.

We went from Nairobi to Rumuruchi and visited prominent animal quotient Mr. Car Hertlray in February, 1958.
For the right, Mr. Imanishi , and left Mr. Hertray.


February, 1958.
Photography Itani.
Place Nairobi new average news hotel.

This was photographed with the Kilimanjaro Kenya mountain mountaineering party of Waseda University in Nairobi in 1958.
The captain of the Waseda party was sick and passed away in the hospital of Nairobi.
The 3rd person from the right is representative Mr. Tsuchiya of Chori. The 4th person is Imanishi.