Itani Junichiro

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February, 1958.
Photography Itani.
Place Nairobi, Kenya.

Imanishi chats with people of the Waseda mountaineering party in Nairobi.
In a new avenue hotel.


March, 1958.
Photography Itani.
Place Kampara, Uganda.

In Kampala.
The 2nd person from the left is representative Mr. Tsuchiya of Chori. The 3rd person is a writer. Mr. Fujishima Hosuke. The 4th person is a Takeo Kuwajima's wife. The 5th person is Mr. Kuwajima eldest son, 6th person Takeo Kuwajima, and the 7th person Kuwajima second son, and the next is the Kuwajima eldest daughter Midori.


March, 1958.
Photography Itani.
Place Kampala, Uganda.

Movement of Uganda is three persons, young writer Mr. Fujishima Hosuke , Imanishi and Itani.
Mr. Fujishima was a driver.
The right is the representative of the Japanese trading company which worked those days in East Africa each city,  Mr. Tsuchiya of Chori.

March, 1958.
Photography Itani.
Place Masaka-Mbarara Uganda.

March, 1958.
It was the savanna in Uganda which goes west from Kampala to Kisoro. We traveled by Hillman of the rental car which Mr. Fujishima Hosuke drived. This is lunch time between Masaka and Mbarara.