Itani Junichito

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March, 1958.
Photography Itani.
Place The border in Ruchuru, Uganda, and Congo.

1958. The bridge of Ruchuru of the border, Uganda, and Congo.
This is Dr.Imanishi.
The opposite shore of a bridge of  Ruchuru River is the Congo Berju. Chimpanzees live in the wood of this riverbank. Chimpanzees and lions adjoin each other.
March, 1958.
Photography Itani.
Place Kisoro, Uganda.
Mr.W.Baumgartel at Kisoro S.W.Uganda.

Mr.Baumgartel considered management development of his Kisoro Travelers in by increasing a tourist by the mountain gorilla of a Muhunbira mountain.
Mr. Imanishi and Mr.
Baumgartel escaped from start Uganda of the Amin time, he went back to Germany, and passed away at the end of the 20th century.

April, 1958.
Photography Itani.
Place Kampala, Speke hotel.

Mrs.J.Donisthorp participated in investigation of the mountain gorilla which Prof Reymond Dart of South Africa subscribed in 1957, and  investigated the gorilla of Mgahimga in Kisoro and Muhnvara. She visited us in Speke Hotel of Kampala next year.
Those days, she was working at the travel company of Kampala. She is a British. Similarly Miss Rosary Osborn of the secretary of Dr.L.S.B.Leakey investigated in Kisoro the previous year 1956.


April, 1958.
Photography Itani.
Place Rubero, I.R.S.A.C.

The head of I.R.S.A.C. of those days, Dr.Van den Berg.
He lived in the gorgeous house of the uptown of I.R.S.A.C. and commuted on the horse to the research institute. Three gorillas were kept in open-enclosure near it.