Itani Junichiro

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April, 1958.
Photography Itani.
Place Ruvero, I.R.S.A.C.

I.R.S.A.C. Belgian Congo. At the Central Africa science research institute (I.R.S.A.C.) in Ruvero of the west of the Lake Kivu.
The research workers and Imanishi.


April, 1958.
Photography Itani.
Place Ruvero, Congo.

The research institute of Belgium Congo.
The vegetable taxonomy person from Belgium of I.R.S.A.C. (the Central Africa science research institute) in the west of Kivu lake.
Imanishi was asking the man the scientific name of some specimens collected in roowenzori and others.

April, 1958.
Photography Itani.
Place Stanley ville.

At the time of the Japan Monkey Centre Institute and Museum of Primatology first Africa large-sized anthropoid academic investigation.
We visited virus Research Institute of Stanley ville (Kisangani). As institution of a primates research , this research institute is very early together with Yerkes Laboratory and Sukhumi in the Soviet Union. Right end is Imanishi.
April, 1958.
Photography Jun-ichiro Itani.
Place Virus research institute Stanley ville Suburbs.

Stanley ville (the present Kinsangani). At the virus research institute which suited Stanley ville Congo (present Kisangani) of Congo (Zaire).
The right is Dr. Ostrich. Ostrich (doctor of Belgium).
Dr.Ostrrich (right).
Mr. Imanishi (left).
Those days, Belgium already had a vast anthropoid breeding room and a vast research institute in the forest of Kisangani suburbs.
Pan troglodytes P.paniscus was bred there. The bone of P.paniscus which died was to be sent to theDr. Van de Block of the Antwerp university.