Itani Junichiro

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May, 1958.
Photography Itani.
Place Zurich, Switzerland.

We visited the authority of the comparison morphology of the primates Prof. Adorf Shultz at the anthropology research institute of the Zurich university.
The professor investigated gibbon with Prof.C.R.Carpenter, Prof Washbarn et al., in Thailand at the 1930s.
We met Dr. Hediger and the pupil's H.Kummer.


May, 1958.
Photography Itani.
Place Tervueren Congo Museum. Brussels.

We visited the Congo museum in Tervueren, Brussels.
A center is a prominent ornithologist Dr. H.Schouteden.


May, 1958.
Photography Itani.
Place Cambridge Univ.

We visited the Prof. Charmar Chance in England Cambridge University.
Left Imanishi.
The next Prof. Chance.
C.M. Chance was from Edinburgh.


June, 1958.
Photography Itani.
Place .

Whipsnade Zoo in the London.
With Mr. Takeshi Ogawa.
In addition to gorilla investigation, we visited various research institutes and inspected zoos.
Mr. Ogawa had been the representative of a shipping company in London for a long time.