Itani Junichiro Field notes

52-3 The first feeding was successful on koujima-island in tohoku August, 1952.
It was what is depended on Itani and Tokuda.
Henceforth, observation was continuously begun by three persons who added Kawamura.
One of the reasons was for replying to the question "why it is that sex negotiation is not seen at all."
The outline of a group's structure was found in September.
In the intervals of observation on koujma-island, I went out for investigation of the Tohoku district independently.
This note was written then.
A sponsor is Mr. Keizo Shibusawa.
I went to Shimokita-Hanto first and went to sanmen and asahi.
During several days returned to my home in Kyoto.
It returned to Koshima immediately and observation was continued.
However, the breeding season had not yet started.
This note is the 3rd volume of tohoku and is the information for two days, October 13 or the 14th, 1952.
A place is sanmen.
The matter which is the talk of an ape, a bear, and an antelope heard from "Matagi" and which is worthy folkloric is included.
It is transferring for the large-sized note in 1994.

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