Itani Junichiro Field notes

52-10 koshima 
(it is the 5th field investigation for me.This is the 6th note about koshima.
It will be the note of the 36th volume of all my notes for December 23, 1952 - 25 three days.)

As mentioned above, in koujima-island, it will be a feeding success in August.
It discriminated and classified immediately and observation was continued.
However, sex negotiation is not seen at all.
At last, also December, finally it became and the signs of sexual excitement were in the female.
The male and female which built the combination relation dropped the male of the 5th (it was called "gosuke".) into the sea.
This male was helped by the hunter.
Such incidents arose.
Isolating gosuke in the cage for a while, I observed the negotiation with gosuke and a group's ape.
As for the sight at that time, the sketch has been in a note 53-2, P.82, and P.84.
As for after, the sexual negotiation in a group occupies most.

Combining the data of the Takasaki mountain in 1953 or 1954 with this data ,
I took out the paper to current Anthropologie with Imanishi.
S. Zuckermann criticized violently paper of the 1930s "Sex canses society theory" written about Papis comatus.
This paper's opinion is "Sex builds the social group."
The argument by each specialist of the current Anthropologie involving this paper is famous.

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