What is bonobo? 



Bonobo (pygmy chimpanzee) is a great ape species belonging to a genus Pan. Though they look like chimpanzees, they have a bit more slender body and longer arms and legs.

They were first identified as new species in 1920's. They live only in the central part of Congo Basin, isolated from other great apes by River Congo. →Where do they live?

Bonobos are famous for a great repertory of sexual behaviors, including male-male and female-female genital contact behaviors. →Sexual behaviors

In most of great ape species, males are basically dominant over females. However, in bonobos, females have social status almost equal to that of males. Females lead the movement of foraging parties, and have a priority of access to food resources. Sons of high-ranking females have greater chances to become an alpha male with the support of their mother.

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