The core-to-core program of JSPS

HOPE International Workshop
co-organized by the Japanese Psychological Association (The 69th annual meeting)
"Evolution of material intelligence: Comparison of avian and primate species"

Date: September 12th, Monday, 1530-1730
Place: Keio University, Mita, Tokyo, West Building Room 532


Alex Kacelnik, Department of Zoology, University of Oxford, UK
Kazuo Fujita, Department of Psychology, Kyoto University, Japan
Shigeru Watanabe, Department of Psychology, Keio University, Japan


Tetsuro Matsuzawa, PRI, Kyoto University

The workshop is supported by JSPS core-to-core program HOPE.
Dr. Kacelnik is the leader of Oxford group that has reported many papers on the tool-making and tool use behavior of crows.
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