HOPE Report No.1 (English summary) 2004-02-23

Program No.1 (Joint research)

Visit to Max-Plank-Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology


Period: 9-16 February, 2004

Shigehara, Kishimoto, and Matsuzawa visited Germany for starting HOPE project, the core-to-core program of JSPS. We were welcomed by Ambassador Takashima in Berlin. We attended the signing ceremony of HOPE between JSPS (The president Motoyuki Ono) and MPG (The President Peter Gruss) in Munich. Then, we moved to Leipzig to visit Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology. We talked about the basic principles and the future collaboration of HOPE with the German cochair Mike Tomasello and the "participating researchers" such as Svante Paabo and Josep Call. They showed us the new main building of MPIEVA built in 2003, and also the attached facility called "Walfgang Koehler Center for Primate Studies" that was housing 41 individuals of the four species of great apes. MPIEVA has just started the fifth department, Depart ment of Human Evolution, for Paleoanthropology and archaeology led by Jean-Jacques Hublin on January 1st, 2004. (reported by Matsuzawa, KUPRI)

A view of Munich from the top of St. Peter church.
 You can see the New Rathaus (front right) and Frauen church (left).


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