Program No.17-001 (Joint Research)

An ethno-historical study on forest transition in chimpanzee habitat at Bossou, Guinea

By Yamakoshi, Gen

Period of visit: 26th April 2005 - 18th May 2005.

Adriaan Kortlandt,Dr. Roger Roy,Dr. Frederic Joulian,Dr. Liesbeth Sterck


I visited Museum National d'Histoire Naturelle for the purpose of seeing Dr. Roy, a specialist of Nimba insects, who has taken part of whole research activities by MNHN from 1940s. He confirmed the existence of old photographs and commented on its importance. I visited Dr. Frederic Joulian of l'Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales in Marseille, France, who is the leading French field researcher on wild chimpanzees. We discussed the possibility of broad comparative studies among sites in Rep. Guinea. I then visited the private house of Dr. Kortlandt in order to ask him permission for using materials of two University of Amsterdam scientific missions for Guinean chimpanzees in 1960s. He also gave me many valuable comments on the ecological situation of Bossou area in 1960s. For confirming the materials, I went to Leiden Natural History Museum. With helps from researchers of Utrecht University, I finally saw the well-organized research materials; photographs, 16mm films, and index documents in the museum.

l'Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales in Marseille, France


Leiden Natural History Museum


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