Program No.17-004

The participation in the International Symposium on Southeast Asian Primate Research and the investigation of the mammal specimens in Thailand

Endo Hideki

Period of visit: 21th May,2005-1st June,2005

 The osteometrical studies were carried out on the leaf-monkeys, tree shrews, and mouse deer at the Natural History Museum、Berlin. I had some discussions on the adaptational morphological characters with a curator, Mr. Robert Asher, one of the authorities on the evolutionary biology of the tenrecs. Based on the debates, we have already started submitting the results on the locomotion system of the aquatic species of the tenrecs to the international journals. We also had some discussions on the latest techniques of the three-dimensional digitalized morphology at the Institute for Zoo and Wildlife Research in Berlin. The staff and I, we discussed on the genetic and morphological variations in the higher primates at the Max Planck Institute, where I also had information on the maintenance systems of the great apes such as bonobo and gorilla.

Natural History Museum, Berlin

Department of Zoology

Max Planck Institute


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