Program No.17-017 (Joint research)

Comparisons of leaf chemistry in the Japanese and Barbary macaque habitats


Period of visit: 29th September,2005-17th October,2005

University of Mohammed V, Morocco

I visited Ecole Nationale Forestiere d'Ingenieurs de Sale and University Mohammed V, to see Drs. Mohammed Qarro, Mohammed Mouna and Mohammed Ibn Tattou, and collected information on the latest research of Barbary macaques. Dr. Qarro is a rangeland management specialist, and has done a collaborative study on bark-striping behavior of Barbary macaques with Nelly Menard, a French primatologist. Dr. Mouna is a zoologist, who is a counterpart of Italian and Dutch research teams of Barbary macaques. Dr. Tattou is a botanist. I visited Moyen Atlas, Barbary macaque habitat, with Drs. Qarro and Tattou. We collected leaves of 32 tree species in that area. Leaves were photographed for identification and measurement of area, and dried. Collected leaves are going to be analyzed for nutritional and tannin contents.

Barbary macaques in Moyen Atlas.

Cedrus forest in the habitat of Barbary macaques in Moyen Atlas.

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