Program No.17-033

This survey was aimed on collection somatometric data for Indonesian adults and children, focusing on foot and hand growths, which are closely concerned with human locomotion. The data obtained are used for the discussion about the relation between the growth pattern and lifestyle/environment.


Period of invitation: 26th Nobember,2005 - 26th December,2005

Bogor Agricultural University INDONESIA

The somatometric research was conducted in Cilacap city, Central Jawa, Indonesia, with a focus on foot and hand size and proportions. Data were taken on 89 local residents (55 children and 34 adults). Children subjects (aged 5 to 8 years old) were measured at a primary school (SDN, Donan 04) in Cilacap. Adults were measured at the community of "RT01/RW06 Donan". 10 items were measured for a subject directly: 1) stature, 2) body mass, 3) hand length, 4) hand breadth, 5) palm length, 6) wrist breadth, 7) elbow breadth, 8) knee breadth, 9) ankle breadth, 10) foot girth.The foot measurements, foot length and foot breadth etc., will be measured indirectly at a laboratory after taking foot contours drawn by a scriber and pedoscope images.Stature was measured using a standard anthropometer (GPM Co. Ltd.). Body mass was measured with a scale with subjects in light clothing and bare feet. A sliding caliper (GPM Co. Ltd.) was used for measuring hand measurements and joint breadths.

Measurement at SDN, Donan 04


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