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NUMBRA/ESCOP Summer school "Neuroscience of number processing"

Tetsuro Matsuzawa

Period: July 3th - 10th, 2005

Place: Erice (Sicily, Italy) , Ettore Majorna Foundation and Center for Scientific Culture

The cognitive and nural bases of number processing have attracted much interest in recent years. The purpose of the meeting was to offer full overview of the neuro science methods that are used in the field and the latest research development. Leading scientists in the various area of research provided the three-hours lectures covering both the very latest and the more established methods in cognitive neuroscience. The lectures offered a review of both the methodology and its implication to research on number processing. The financial support was given by NUMBRA reseaerch group. It was very intensive and intersting meeting for the experts of Number processing.

Topics and the pleanary speakers are as follows:
fMRI design by S. Dehaene
NIRS by M. Schroeter
Single cell neurophysiology by A. Nieder
Neuropsychology by B. Butterworth
Infant studies by C. Turati
Genetic studies by C. Semenza
Animal behaviour by T. Matsuzawa
Neuroimaging by M. Delazer
Computational modeling by M Zorzi

Poster presentation place in the meeting

View of the Meditaranian sea from the poster presentation place

Street of Erice where the meeting was held

One afternoon of the meeting was the tour to Segesta


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