Program No.18-017

Preliminary research on the primate distribution and present status in Vietnam and Southern China with the attendance to the Annual Conference of SE Asian Zoo Association


10th September,2006 - 30th September,2006

Vietnam, china

I attended the 15th Annual conference of SE Asia Zoo Association, presented paper concerning Present Status of rhesus macaques (Macaca mulatta) in SE Asia, and collected information about the primate distribution and present statuses in each Asian countries. Then I visited DaLat (Nui Ba National Park) and DaNang (Cham Island and SonTra Peninsula) where I observed macaques and collected fecal samples for DNA analysis. I collected the information concerning distribution and present status of primates in Guangxi Chiwan Autonomous District, China. Observation and fecal sampling was made on rhesus macaques inhabiting Seven-star park inside Guilin City. I made brief survey in Hua-Bing National Nature Reserve, which locates ca. 60 NW to Guilin, and collected fecal sample from wild Thibet macaques.

Cham Island is located 30Km east from Hoian city.
I speculate crab-eating is distributed, but observed macaque is like rhesus macaque.





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