Program No.18-018

International conference on fieldworks of anthropology


Period of invitation: 4th May,2006 - 8th May,2006

Oxford Brooks University

I attended to the international conference entitled "Fieldwork: Examining its practice among biological anthropologists and primatologists" held at Department of Anthropology, Oxford Brooks University, on May 5 and 6. I presented a paper on "Ecological anthropology and primatology: fieldwork practices and mutual benefits" and discussed on the contributions of Japanese primatology and anthropology to social anthropology. Western anthropologists showed great interests in methodologies and concepts of Kinji Imanishi and junichiro Itani. Sixteen papers were presented in this conference and diverse scopes and methodologies were discussed in relation to anthropology. Recent changes in education of fieldworks and future perspectives of biological anthropology and primatology were also discussed in relation to increased needs of conservation practices.



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