Program No.18-020

Presentation in 21st IPS international conference and tracing chimpanzees in their nature habitat

Zhang Peng

Period of invitation: 22th June,2006 - 11th July,2006

I presented my studies in the 21st Congress of the International Primatological Society. The IPS international conference gave me the chance to meet many primatologist from all over the world. By those presentations I learnt the latest progress of primatological research in the world, which is very suggestive for my further study. In the safari and other education facilities, I also got the basic information on natural habitats of African primates and conservational activities for them. It was a marvelous experience for me.

The congress was hold in a peaceful and beautiful City, Entebbe, in Uganda. I had two presentations, a poster presentation in the third day and an oral presentation in the fourth day. I got the "2006 award for outstanding student poster presentation" and it was presented by the president of IPS, Richard Wrangham, at the dinner banquet of the conference. It is prideful for me since I am the only one received this award and accepted it in front of more than 600 primatologist from all over the world. I was the only one of Chinese primatologists attended the conference. 'We are welcome you to study primates in China', I announced. 

I went to safari after the conference. I could trace chimps in their natural habitat. Dr. Huffman MA and local guild taught me about food plants and also medical plants for chimps. I met chimps in the Ngamba Island where more than 30 orphan chimps were rescued in the centre. Staffs in the centre talked us on their activities for conservation of chimps in Uganda. I visited several other facilities concerning with the Great Ape Education Activities in Uganda, such as the Entebbe Zoo and National Museum. I found groups of students coming to these facilities. 'Chimps are our friends; we should make them happy to stay in our country', the teacher told to her primary school students.

IPS Award

Jane goodal and me, Uganda

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