Program No.18-035

Clarification of estrous synchrony in savanna baboons


4th September,2006 - 19th September,2006


I stayed in the University of Minnesota from 4 to 10 September. For three groups, I collected 30 years' records by a digital camera. In addition, based on the result that I analyzed preliminarily, we examined analytical methods. I stayed in the Harvard University from 10 to 14 September. I and a post-doc researcher talked a progress of analysis about ecological data because it is needed for future analysis. I presented in a seminar of Department of Anthropology on the topic of estrous synchrony in chimpanzees. In the last, I went to Rutgers University. From 14 to 18 September, we discussed about my manuscript of savanna baboons, and collected some data for analyses.

University of Minnesota, Ecology, Evolution, and Behavior building


The seminar at Dept. Anthropology in Harvard University


Rutgers University


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