Program No.18-037

Poster presentation at IPS2006, and a research site visit on the wild ape habitat.

Hayaishi Shuhei

Period of invitation: 24th June,2006 - 6th July,2006

I attended the twenty-first congress of International Primatological Society, and collected the information on the recent progress of researches on wild apes. I had the poster presentation on our phylogeographical studies on Yakushima macaques, and exchanged diverse information and knowledge on a genus Macaca. In order to monitor the research trends on Primatology, I also collected the information and was considering the analytic topics.

After the congress, I attended one of the eco-tour of wild gorillas inhabiting Bwindi Impenetrable National Park in Uganda, with some participants of the congress. I understood that the process was consolidated systematically from the application for permission on watching wild gorillas, an arrangement of the accommodation, transportation, information on precautions, to the direct observation. The time limit for a direct observation of wild gorillas was 1 hours. In spite of short length of time, I could observe some behaviors, e.g. distances between individuals, and play behavior of juveniles, ad libitum, so I understood the possibility that the eco-tourism of wild primates could promote the opportunity for the practical lifelong learning.

Hayaishi at Poster presentation IPS2006

Wild mountain gorillas, silverback and baby at Bwindi Impenetrable National Park


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