Program No.18-040

Attending congress of International Primatological Society and preliminary study about environmental and social influence on playing behaviors in mountain gorillas.


22th June,2006 - 6th July,2006

By the support of HOPE project, I could attend the 21st congress of International Primatological Society in Entebbe, Uganda, and had successful poster presentation entitled "Conflict of land-use between great apes and humans in Kahuzi-Biega National Park, D. R. C.". There were variable suggestions and propositions of collaborative researches by many researchers and conservationists studying great apes, GIS and mining of coltan. 

After the conference, I visited Bwindi National Park, south-west part of Uganda for preliminary study of vegetation of mountain gorilla habitats and mountain gorillas living in the Nkuringo area, south part of Bwindi, where chimpanzees are living sympatrically. Group composition of the Nkuringo group which have been habituated two years ago was two silver-back males, five black-backs, four adult females, one subadult female, one juvenile and four babies, totally seventeen individuals. The vegetation in the Nkuringo area was similar to Kahuzi-Biega National Park (KBNP), DRC, and many plant species eaten by gorillas and chimps in KBNP were identified in the area. The Nkuringo group used secondary shrub for feeding mainly. Two-years old babies tussled with each other, and the elder silverback male"Nkurigo"intervened between the babies. The environmental difference between Nkuringo and KBNP may be low, so that those areas may be suitable for comparative study of social development in the mountain gorillas and eastern lowland gorillas.

The mountain gorilla in the Bwindi National Park.

With Dr. Meder in the Mountain Gorilla & Rainforest Direct Aid.

With Prof. Wrangham, President IPS Council and Ms. Wrangham


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