Program No.18-064

Invited: Dr. Chris S. Duvall, Cross-regional comparison in habitat conditions of West African chimpanzees


4th November, 2006 - 15th November, 2006

In November 6, Dr. Duvall gave a lecture, entitled "Multiscale biogeography of western chimpanzees in the Bafing area, Mali." at the HOPE workshop "Primate Origins of Human Evolution" held at Nagoya. It was a fascinating presentation which addressed new approaches to the least known chimpanzee populations living in the most arid type of habitat for the species. With his thick empirical data-sets, he tried to disentangle complicated interrelationships between different datasets ranged from geology, biogeography, human land use patterns, and so on to evaluate the the past and future existence of chimpanzees in such harsh areas. 

At Primate Research Institute, he discussed various important topics especially about conservation of Western subspecies of chimpanzees with scholars of PRI who engage in chimpanzee researches and conservation. The main topic was about possible trans-border types of conservation approaches in West Africa including Mali and Guinea which have been recently received a growing attention by conservationists and government officials.

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