Program No.18-065

The analyses of the biodiversity of wild mammals and birds in Thailand and Laos, 
and the factors of variations in the artificial maintenance and the domestication.

Endo Hideki

15th March,2007 - 24th March,2007

The natural history specimens stored in institutes of Thailand and Laos were comparatively examined. We examined the geographical and morphological variations in the lesser mouse deer, Asian water buffalo, gray-bellied squirrel, the lesser false vampire and the feral fowl to advocate the new theory on the functional-morphological adaptations in the Indochinese and Sundaic Regions. The domesticated populations were morphologically compared to reveal the differences between the populations in the Asian water buffalo and the fowl. The functional-morphological variations of the musculoskeletal systems were clarified between the breeds adapted to each style of the consumptions. In this year, we have the congress of HCMR Japan-Thailand cooperative research works on the variations of the jungle and domesticated fowls in Bangkok.

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