Program No.18-046

Participation in ' Cytokines 2006; Molecular Biology & Human Diseases -6th Joint Meeting of the International Cytokine Society (ICS) and the International Society for Interferon and Cytokine Research (ISICR)' and 'Guidance meeting for prospective graduates with biology major of Pusan University'


25th Augst,2006 - 3rd September,2006

In Pusan University I graduated from, I took part in a guidance meeting to have a brief presentation about my present studies and KUPRI. That was a good opportunity to introduce primatology to prospective graduates who are trying to carve their way into biological fields. Actually, a few young students showed keen interest in my talking, especially the part of monkey models for human diseases.I also participated in an international meeting, 'Cytokines 2006; Molecular Biology & Human Diseases' held in Vienna, one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. It was my first experience to have a poster presentation at international congress. For 5 days, the place had been crowded with a large number of researchers. All morning I could listen to many eminent scientists talking in various fields including immunology, molecular biology and pathology, and after lunch, enjoyed useful lectures and poster presentations presented by specialists of each topic. My poster was displayed around the middle of a big exhibit hall for a day, and I was able to get several chances discussing the newest information and taking professional and valuable advice.





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