Program No.18-053

Depth perception from pictorial cues in human, chimpanzees and macaques using preferential reaching task.

Imura Tomoko

17th September,2006 - 1st October,2006


 The purpose of my visit to Institute of Child Development, University of Minnesota was to promote collaborative research of pictorial depth perception in chimpanzees and macaques. I met Drs. Albert Yonas and Curl Granrud from University of Colorado who have studied depth perception in human infants using preferential reaching method. We discussed about the new project and made visual stimuli for the experiments to apply the same task to adult chimpanzee and infant Japanese macaques. I attended the experiments in human infants, and learned the apparatus and method for reaching analyses. In the seminar of the Institute of Child Department, I talked my previous studies about pictorial depth perception and discussed with many researchers and students. Drs. Herbert Pick who studies child spatial perception and computational vision professor, Daniel Kersten also gave me some suggestions about my research.

Institute of Child Development, University of Minnesota

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